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I am always looking for the perfect bag to take on a weekend gateway or as a carry-on when I need to travel back to France. The thing is that I want it to be ‘small’ but spacious enough, I know, I’m complicated. In other words I want something convenient that can carry my overpacking habits. Rule number one in travel: Always pack a full look or two in your carry-on, in order to avoid the stress of delayed (or even worst, lost baggages) You would not believe the number of times Air France lost my bags for a couple of days when I travel back to France!

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The Wheelmen & Co. Duffle bag is exactly what I need. You cannot imagine all the things I pack in it. Also I like leather. I only use the handles rather than having it strapped around me when I walk around. Something chic and masculine about carrying a bag like that.

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The side pocket for shoes is also great for things like ipad, books and things you may need during your flight. This way no need to take the bag out of the overhead compartment.

Price: $495.00 [Shop]

Our W&Co. leather duffle features all the Wheelmen know-how of our Heritage line with the added class of full-grain calf leather and refined lines for the discerning traveller. Features include a rugged water-resistant oiled leather bottom, military-grade rubber panelling, waterproof zippers, a large main compartment and an external shoe pocket, to keep your wingtips separate from your clothes. Lined with 1000 denier nylon.

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