When Fashion Can Become Downright Rude

Are you addicted to your smartphone? Plenty of us would now say “Yes” but for those that still believe that they have control over their smartphone usage then there are a few questions to ask yourselves.

Personally, I carry out my banking and listen to my favourite tunes using my smartphone besides keeping in touch with friends and family and enjoying some excitement taking advantage of some great slots bonuses on my favourite online site during my day. I also browse for goods and services and check up on what my friends were doing, nothing special in today’s world I thought until it was pointed out that I was actually ignoring one of my bests friends who I had met for a lunch date.

The words she actually used were “stop phubbing me!”

This stayed with me all day, so I decided to do a little research on how much ‘phubbing’ is recognised, and the results were pretty startling.

It wasn’t long before I found numerous articles (yes online using my phone) about phubbing and some of the fact these articles offered were surprising. For instance, it is thought that the average phone user can check their screen every six to seven minutes which actually adds up to an amazing 150 times in one day, and if you are not that into your phone no wonder it would get on your nerves.

Armed with this information I began to check-out other phone users like that couple sitting in the window seat at the restaurant that hardly said a word to each other, and a group of friends down at the local pub who were laughing and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, except for one person who was constantly checking their phone, and none of us can be in a crowd and take notice of the conversation as well as being tuned into our phones, it’s simply impossible.

Most of us who own a smartphone are guilty of ‘phubbing’ and it’s pretty hard to remember back in the days when we didn’t even have a mobile phone, never mind one that can carry out so much for us, and keep us continually connected with others.

Today owning the latest smartphone is ‘the’ fashion statement outstripping designer bags and other high-end accessories, in fact, you can pay hundreds if not thousands of pounds for a smartphone case that could probably do with a case to protect it!

Catwalk models can be seen holding a smartphone instead of a designer bag with the phone being ‘dressed’ in the fashion creators design.

As with anything else that is in fashion, a problem will only arise when it takes over, and in the case of ‘phubbing’ if you begin to choose your phone over whoever you are supposed to be concentrating on, then that is the time to switch off and put it away.

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Aleksandar Tomovic
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French photographer (of Serbian Origins) lives and works in Los Angeles. Known for his celebrity fashion editorials and recognized around the world for his european esthetics and american efficiency.

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