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Wolfe Jackson moved from London to New York City in 2014, embarking on a journey of musical growth and self-discovery. After working with a host of producers including Leo Sidran & Frans Mernick, (Mark Ronson/A$AP Rocky) and playing and selling out some of NYC’s top music spots like the main-stage at Rockwood Music Hall over the past two years, Wolfe set out to record and co-produce his debut EP “Remedy”.

Self-funded, self-produced and self-written; “Remedy”, which he did on a $100 budget in 48 hours, is the very definition of an independent artists work. Wolfe effortlessly captures and blends R&B and Pop tones with a deep and honest thread of Soul that results in a completely truthful and incomparable sound.

The title single “Remedy” is out TODAY and will be available on all the platforms including Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon. The artist sat down with BELLO mag to talk about one of the most exciting debuts to emerge in 2017.

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BELLO MAG: Congratulations on your debut single “Remedy”! Tell me what it is about?

WOLFE JACKSON: “Thank you! “Remedy” is a true celebration of someone’s love and support and how important that is in a relationship between two people. Even though that relationship is over now the single to me is a real tribute to our time together and really encapsulates my appreciation, reflections and memories in one song.”


BM: So when you write songs would you say it is a reflection of your real life experiences?

WJ: “I could never write about something I hadn’t directly experienced. For me song-writing is about taking a feeling and developing it into a tangible thing.”


BM: How do you go about the musical composition when you start making a song?

WJ: “With this record I really strived to get as close to a live band sound as possible. For me nothing beats the feeling you get when you watch a live band play so it was essential for me that every instrument you hear on the record whether it’s strings, organs, horns is the real thing being played by real musicians. For me it really ties in with the important of raw and real honesty in my music.”


BM: Tell me a little bit about the EP?

WJ: “The rest of the Remedy EP explores and takes the listener through the full circle of a relationship from the lustful wanting of a stranger to the loss of your love and best friend.”


BM: This must have taken you a long time to create, what was the process like?

WJ: “It was a huge project. It was my first time co-producing on a record so I’d be doing everything from the writing, performing and editing to getting together the musicians, budgeting and planning. I learnt a lot about the process and myself along the way.”


Wolfe Jackson plays LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall, New York on March 15th – you can grab TICKETS HERE



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