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To mark the arrival of YOHJI YAMAMOTO’S MEN’S and WOMEN’S AW13 collections the collective has curated a selection of music and books that cover the breadth of the designer’s career.

MUSIC has always been of central importance to Yohji Yamamoto’s work and especially his runway shows. Here, the collective presents a retrospective of his musical output, ranging from the early eighties until 2002. In addition, the numerous ‘THE SHOW’ Volumes catalogue the music composed for his Paris runway shows and collective focuses on the varied collaborative work that Yamamoto has released with a range of Japanese music legends such as YMO’s Takahashi Yukihiro and Keiichi Suzuki.


Selection of BOOKS includes retrospective titles such as ‘REWIND FAST FORWARD’ and the biographical ‘MY DEAR BOMB’. Alongside ‘TALKING TO MYSELF’., a book which Yamamoto was involved in at every stage to build a creative and illustrative notebook that gives the reader a sincere and genuine insight into his own private world and key phases in his life.

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