You might recognise Zac Pullam from a little show on MTV, Finding Carter. At the mere age of 14 Pullam has already appeared in over twenty Florida State University films, three of which have earned College Television Emmy Awards. He moved to LA in January 2013 in order to forge his acting career, which has led to him being cast as ‘Grant Wilson’, a series regular on MTV’s drama, Finding Carter.


BELLO WATCH: What is your dream character/role to play in the future?

Zac Pullam: My dream role would be to play Indiana Jones. I am a huge Harrison Ford fan and I’ve watched the Indiana Jones movies so many times!


BW: Do you have a strong desire to work with any actor in particular?

ZP: I would love to work with Harrison Ford. He is my idol!


BW: What other shows do you watch?  

ZP: My mom and I watch Scream, I’m a huge fan. which is another MTV show.


BW: Is there a particular program you would want to make a cameo appearance on?  

ZP: I would love to be on Scream and die a horrible death! I would also like to be on The Walking Dead.


BW: Tell us something that your fans don’t already know about you?

ZP: I’m not sure if my fans know but I am an only child.



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