ZACHARY LEVI (best dressed) and on cover of BELLO mag

BELLO mag on the cover of BELLO mag #34, get it now on APP STORE Newsstand.

I have been the Key Makeup/Hair artist on E Television’s THE SOUP for the past 5 years. Every week, we have a celebrity guest stop by for a 5 minute walk on in which the guest will banter with host Joel McHale about an upcoming project or riff on a weekly clip that the show is featuring in that week’s episode.


This week, Zachary Levi stopped by and I got to meet him in the makeup room as I touched him up for his appearance on camera. Immediately I knew who he was, because our Bello Mag Fashion Editor, Warren Alfie Baker, has been styling Zachary for his red carpet appearances over the last few months. Warren has been doing an incredible job and recently helped Zachary to make it onto the GQ Best Dressed Men list!!!

I brought up the fact that Warren and I are very good friends and that we work together on the creative team at Bello Mag. Zachary lit up with a huge smile and promptly adopted an English gentleman’s accent in order to sing his own personal praise of Warren and how much he loves his styling and their close personal connection over the last few months. Zachary was a doll, so sweet and kind. VERY cute and incredibly tall in person (much like Warren , in case you haven’t seen him). I really had no idea until I met him and had the opportunity to work so closely on his face how handsome he is.  Watch the clip of his appearance on THE SOUP here>

Mathias Alan
Beauty Editor of Bello Magazine

–Mathias has been working as a celebrity makeup artist/hairstylist for over 10 years and his work can be seen on E! Networks’  The Soup and The Fashion Police. He has also worked on music videos with Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani and has painted the faces of celebrities such as Evan Rachel Wood, Geena Davis, and Nadia Bjorlin.

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