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by Ally Marone

Summer is over and while the beach and Sunday Rose` have taken priority, your hair is probably in need of some TLC. 2 chic hair care promises 20 benefits for your hair all without parabens, laurel sulfate, and DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS. Ill say it again for those in the back- NO TESTING ON ANIMALS. 2chic boasts you will see shiny, stronger, frizz free hair and I gotta say, they do deliver.

The shampoo has such a nice lather I had to double check there was no laurel sulfate in the ingredients. The conditioner had a medium thickness consistency and washed out clean leaving no residue. After a few washes, I found myself only needing conditioner on my ends because the shampoo is THAT good at not only cleansing, but softening my brittle dry hair. I have naturally curly hair and usually need a great deal of post shower products to eliminate the frizz- but only a few pumps of the leave in conditioner did the job. I was able to get away with no flat iron, saving time and heat damage. My hair was visibly shiny and don’t let the pink bottle fool you; the scent is just enough to be pleasant but not too girly for the entire household to use. A little goes a long way ensuring your dollar is stretched to the last drop. If you are looking to tame some frizz and repair the damage from a busy summer, 2chic can get you hair commercial ready before the holiday season.

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Photo by C. Marquez featured in our issue #159

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